Wifi Mapper

WifiMapper is an app for the Microsoft HoloLens that allows you to see the unseeable - the Wi-Fi signal strength in various parts of a building!

Simply air-tap or say "measure" to take a snapshot reading of the Wi-Fi signal strength (RSSI) at your current location - HoloLens will measure the signal and draw a coloured icon in front of you showing the RSSI value and a signal strength colour: red = poor signal, yellow = ok, green = strong. 

Walk about the building taking measurements to build up a picture of where the Wi-Fi dead zones are. You can see all your measurements - even through walls, floors and ceilings - so it's easy to build up a clear 3D picture of your Wi-Fi coverage.

Say "reset" to clear out any measurements and start again.

Privacy Policy

This HoloLens app uses voice control - it will recognise the commands "MEASURE" and "RESET", but it does not record and store your voice or ambient environment. No personal data is collected or used by JAWZ in any way.

JAWZ does not collect, store or share any of your contacts, email and social media accounts, or app usage habits. We don't use cookies or ad trackers, nor do we use app analytics recording software. We do not record or track your activity in any way.

We do not collect, use or share your precise geographic location.