Updated version 1.2 available now in the App Store. If you buy it, please rate it! Even if you think QuickPaste is the worst app ever in the history of the AppStore... we appreciate all feedback! 

A clipboard manager.  Yeah, yeah, stop yawning - you really have no idea how useful this is until you try it...

  • Fancy a quick blast on co-op CoD Zombies and you can't be bothered to type in your partner-in-crime's gamertag? Squirrel it away in QuickPaste and you're sorted...
  • Fed up of typing in that email address when you log into all your forums, web accounts, and other parts of the Internet Playground? Grab your favourite spambin address and paste it into Safari in a couple of taps!
  • Stuck in traffic again? Missed the bus/train? Grab that ready-made excuse and paste it into a txt to placate your other half with the minimum of effort!
  • Wondering what's on your clipboard? QuickPaste will tell you!

Keep QuickPaste in the background and grab that frequently-used text at the touch of a button - it doesn't kill your battery or fill up your iPxxx's memory - I tested it, honest. 

"So, how do you use it?"

Well, that's up to you, really. Say, for example, you've just released a brilliant app and you want to see how well it's selling. You could fire up Apple's trusty iTunes Connect app...

"Let's see how we're doing today..."

After a few goes you'll start to tire of having to type in your developer ID each time. Those blimmin dot and @ keys are on a different keyset...

"I know, I'll save it for later!"

Of course you will. Grab that pesky text and slap it into QuickPaste (which you've got sitting in your task bar, naturally, because QuickPaste is The App You Can't Live Without)...


With your text safely squirrelled away you can bounce back to where you were (again using iOS 4's neato task bar), review your app sales and think "w00t!"

When you get that urge to stare at that nice upward-pointing graph again (less than ten minutes later, in our case), you fire up QuickPaste, select your developer ID, then bounce back to iTunes Connect for another look...

This time, thanks to the miracle that is QuickPaste, you don't have to spong about with our old friend the ".?123" key.

"w00t, again"

Absolutely. And as if that wasn't enough miraculous functionality for you, you can also manage your list of saved clippings - sort alphabetically, delete the ones you don't need any more. Yup, seriously. Check it out:


Pretty gobsmackingly useful, I think you'll agree. In fact, I know of one avid QuickPaste fan in Berlin who's so keen on it that she's going to buy an iPhone just so that she can run it. Well, that's what she says, and who am I to doubt her?