Available for both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

Developed in partnership with an EPTA-accredited piano teacher, NoteAble allows you to develop and test your (or your pupils) knowledge of the treble and bass clefs. Pick a range of notes to be tested on, tap on the Start button, and NoteAble will quiz you until you've had enough! To answer a question, simply tap on the note that NoteAble asks for. 

NoteAble: Drum Edition was developed in association with Caz Wolfson.

NOTE: On the iPhone version you can tap and hold, then drag the note to the required place on the stave if you're finding that you have trouble hitting the note first time.


Tap on the "Next question" button, or tap "Stop" if you've had enough. When you're done, NoteAble will tell you how well you did:

Ear training

NoteAble plays the notes that you tap. Use it regularly enough and one day you'll discover that you can "hear" the note in your head before you tap the screen! Throw those tuning forks away!

Selectable note ranges

NoteAble is customisable. Tap on the info ("i") button to display the options page. Select from one of three predefined note ranges, or define your own range of notes:

  • Beginner:         bass F (F3)  up to treble G (G4)
  • Intermediate:    bass C (C3) up to treble C (C4)
  • Advanced:       low F (F2) up to high G (G5)
  • Custom:          you decide the range...

Custom note range selection

Tap on the "Custom" level selector on the options page, then simply drag the notes in the stave to where you want them to be. Tap on the "Done" button to save your custom settings.

Play Hangman!

See how many questions you can answer correctly before you're hung! Tap on the "Play Hangman" switch on the options page to enable or disable Hangman Mode. When Hangman Mode is ON a line is added to the hangman drawing for every question you get wrong...

How well can you think under pressure?

Tap on the "Question timer" switch on the options page to enable or disable a timer. You only have a limited time to answer each question before you're marked down (and hung, if you're playing in Hangman Mode!)...  
  • Beginner:         10 seconds
  • Intermediate:    5 seconds
  • Advanced:        3 seconds
  • Custom:           you decide...

Landscape mode

Of course, NoteAble also works in landscape mode...

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