About JAWZ


I'm a Bath (UK)-based mobile (native iOS and Android) and AR/VR developer. If you're looking for a development partner, consultant, or contractor, drop me a line. No job too large (or small!), no question too daft. With over 25 years working on a wide variety of systems from 8-bit microcontrollers to the latest iPad, I have a wealth of development experience to draw on. 

I also have extensive general software development experience using a broad range of tools, technologies and development methodologies. I have worked in a number of domains, including transport, fast food, IoT, multimedia, development toolsets, defence, space (ground segment and onboard systems), telecoms (transmission and switching systems, OSS), and realtime. Much of my development experience lies in GUI development in a client-server/n-tier enterprise environment. 

I also develop AR and VR projects using Microsoft HoloLens and Google Daydream. 

Development skills include Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Xcode, Instruments, MacOS X, Java (Android, JDK, Swing, JEE, JUnit, JProfiler), Unity, C#, C++, C, maven, ant, Unix/Linux shell scripting (bash, csh, ksh, sh), Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Perforce, VSS, Subversion, git, reverse engineering, UML, Agile, waterfall, even Yourdon, Jackson, and various flavours of assembly language from 8-bit microcontrollers to the 64-bit beastie in my MacBook. 

I like to muck about on a Raspberry Pi, so I've even got a bit of Android Things, Windows 10 IoT Core, and embedded Linux experience.

Have to admit that I still don't get the Apple Watch though :-)